Budgies cages | Best Prices and Review – 2017

A bird lover will always want to invest in a house for his pet that is large enough to move around comfortably.

Keeping a bird is not simply about getting a cage and remembering to feed it well.

It is also about knowing what kind of cage to buy and what features to look for before buying. If you have been looking for budgies cages that can also accommodate canaries, lovebirds and finches, then there is nothing like the Vision Medium Bird Cage #M02.

This cage provides ample of space for your birds to move around freely.

It also makes it highly convenient for you to take good care of your bird. It is designed to offer easy maintenance, owing to the debris guard, deep base and the way the water and seed cups are placed.

You will be left with all the time in the world to enjoy with your pet instead of cleaning up mess through the day.

How Should Budgies cages be Ideally Designed?

Vision Bird Cage Model M02 - Medium
  • Small wire bird cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches
  • Cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning
  • Debris guard helps keep waste inside cage

Budgies cages should ideally be designed in a way so that birds can be housed comfortably in them. There are a few things to be kept in mind as goals while buying a bird cage. They are listed below:

  • The cage should be large enough to accommodate your pet friends comfortably.
  • It should be appropriate to allow the natural behavior of your birds.
  • It should be durable enough to withstand the activities of your pet.
  • Your bird/s should have easy access in and out of the cage, if that is an option.
  • It should have perches and feeders that are easy to use and access.

The Best Features That We Came Across

While designing the Vision Bird Cage, the manufacturers definitely paid a good deal of attention to convenience and durability. Listed below are the features that we found the best and that conform to the ideal pointers of budgies cages.

  • Practical design

Having a bird as a pet can become a tedious process even after years of experience, if the cage is not selected properly. It is nothing short of a creative process that needs an eye to detail. The Vision Bird cage has been designed practically, to ensure that having a bird as a pet is a pleasant experience for both the keeper as well as the bird.

  • Grip with varying diameters

Like we have mentioned before that the perches need to be bird-friendly; the Vision bird cages clearly maintain the same. Most perches on the market are equipped with a single and uniform diameter. The birds that use these perches develop the same grasping position. However, Vision bird cages are designed with a wavy pattern with diameters that vary. This allows the birds to grip the perches at different points. Varying gripping positions enhances blood circulation and keep foot problems away.

  • Deep Base

Vision bird cages have deep bases and low position of feeders. This unique combination makes feeding the birds a less messy activity. Food and feces that would otherwise fly off the cage and fall on the floor, end up on the base itself.

  • Large Front Double Doors

Vision bird cages have wide double doors. These doors that open towards the inside provide a landing pad for birds that are back after a short flight outside. When your birds perch themselves on the doors, then their waste is caught by the base instead of falling on the floor.

These doors function independently. You can close one while keeping the other open. This feature allows you to reach inside the cage without giving your bird the chance to escape.

What is not that good about the cage?

Apart from the great features that this bird cage comes along with, there are a few that we did not like much. These features could be modified to improve the quality of the product.

  • This bird cage does not come along with a removable tray. Removable trays make cleaning a lot easier. Since it ensures that most of the droppings fall on the base, the tray has probably not been added.
  • It is not wide enough for birds with longer tails.
  • It does not have side or back doors.
  • There is no handle on the top to hang the cage from.

Vision Bird Cage Model M02 - Medium
  • Small wire bird cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches
  • Cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning
  • Debris guard helps keep waste inside cage

How is this bird cage better than its competitors?

The Visions Bird Cage has quite a few advantages over your regular bird cage. Listed below are the points that effortlessly go to this bird cage and make it a winner.

  1. Better grip

Considering the fact that most bird cages have perches that come in a single and uniform diameter, the Visions bird cage scores a point there. In cages with uniform perches, birds tend to develop gripping issues. The Vision perches offer your pet birds wavy patterns with diameters that vary. When birds have different perch points to hold on to, their blood circulation is enhanced and foot problems are reduced.

  1. Convenient bird keeping

A lot of us have had bird cages and we all know the mess that comes along with bird keeping. Birds are picky and impulsive eaters. While they feed, seeds fly off in all directions.

When they flap around their wings inside the cages, it creates downward air currents. This leads to a lot of mess on the floor and the sides of the cages as well. The Vision bird cages scores yet another point by having a deep base and low-lying feeders.

The flying food and wastes are caught by the base and do not fall on the floor. This entire process makes bird keeping absolutely convenient.

  1. Price worthy

A lot of us tend to buy cheap bird cages because the bigger ones simply don’t fit into our budget. With the Vision bird cage, your dream of having a large house for your pet bird will finally come true.

You will not only find the best price that you have ever come across but also get a good deal of discount on reliable websites. This bird cage is also worth the price that you pay for it.

  1. Functional doors

In your regular bird cage, the doors are designed in a way that makes handling of your bird a tad bit difficult. This is because when you reach inside or one of your doors is open; your bird may escape without your knowledge.

In the Visions bird cage, the doors function independently. You can keep one closed while keeping the other open. This allows you to handle your bird with ease.

Final Thoughts

When you are on the hunt for budgies cages, the most important thing to remember is the comfort of your pet friends. The second most important factor is your own comfort.

The worst part about bird keeping is buying birds, a cage and ignoring them after the initial excitement is over. This tendency stems from the inconvenience that a bird cage is associated with.

This is what the Visions Bird Cage will help you deal with.

You will have the sheer convenience of easy maintenance. You will also find yourself spending more time with your birds than you used to earlier. What’s more, you will also get great discounts and deals when you head over to Amazon!

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