Bird Travel Carrier | Best Price and Review – 2017

How often do we find traveling hectic and uneasy when we have pet birds to carry along?

It is a trouble almost every time, to say the least.

This is because there are a number of factors to be kept in mind while traveling with a bird.

The bird needs to feel at ease, be comfortable throughout the journey; the cage needs to be durable enough to carry etc.

While there are a number of carriers on the market to choose from, the A & E Cage Co Soft Sided bird travel carrier stands out with quite a few incredible features in tow.

Let us take a look at how it scores more than your regular travel bird carrier.

Bird Travel Carrier – Best Features:

  • Decorative carrier

This soft sided travel carrier comes in a floral pattern that has a number of color options. It is a great option to carry your pet bird in style. You will no longer need to depend upon boring canvas colors that hardly give you many options to choose from.

  • Functional

The entire front potion of the carrier opens on all three sides, owing to a double zipper. This feature makes it easy for you to handle your bird and take care of it while travelling.

  • Air circulation

The bird carrier is equipped with a mesh screen insert on the front as well as on the back. This feature has two benefits. The first benefit is free air circulation that keeps your bird feeling healthy throughout the travel. Secondly, the mesh inserts allow your bird to see its surroundings clearly.

  • Easy to remove floor covering

It also comes along with a floor covering that is quite easy to remove and clean. When you need to clean the wastes off the floor cover, you can simply remove, clean and place it back in position effortlessly.

  • Sturdy handle and strap

The bird carrier comes equipped with a sturdy handle and a shoulder strap that are both built to last. Traveling can take a toll on products that are not sturdy enough; especially for smaller and more active birds. The sturdiness of this bird cage ensures a long shelf life.

  • Small to medium birds

You can carry along your small to medium birds in this soft sided bird travel carrier. You will not need to leave behind your precious pets the next time you are going for a picnic or traveling to short or long distances.

  • Size options

This bird carrier gives you a number of size options to choose from. You can keep birds of your choices by opting for whichever size suits your preferences.

  • Price

This carrier comes at an unbelievable price, considering the options it offers. You will no longer need to buy cheap bird travel carriers that break down sooner than expected, to accommodate your pet while traveling.

What we did not like about the carrier

Apart from the fact that this is indeed a great carrier for traveling with birds, there is one factor that could be modified to make it more popular. The carrier could be slightly bigger in size. While traveling, birds tend to get restless. If you offer more space to them, they feel at ease and can relax on the way. This carrier at present is just enough for small birds to fit in for smaller durations.

How is this travel carrier better than its competitors?

  1. More options

Most bird travel carriers are made of boring canvas material that hardly gives you options to choose from. This one not only gives you color options but also size options. You will definitely be spoilt for choices!

  1. Better air circulation

Unlike other travel carriers, this one has mesh screen inserts on the front as well as on the back that allow easy air circulation. This keeps your pet in the healthiest of surroundings.

  1. Cheaper

While you will get the same features in a more expensive bird carrier, this one offers all that for the best price that you could ever come across.

Final Thoughts

Travel bird carriers are meant to ease you and your pet bird through the hassles of transit.

They also need to ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the journey. The A&E Cage Co Soft Sided bird travel carrier is best suited for these purposes.

If you have small birds to carry, this will make everything seem smooth and doable. Add great deals and discounts from Amazon and you have a winner!

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Bird Travel Carrier
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