Cockatoo Cages | Best Prices and Review – 2017

The Cockatoo’s are one of the best pets anyone can have.

They are very lovable; they reciprocate too by loving their owners whole heartedly.

Did you know they are called the “love Sponges” because they love to be cuddled and held close

With love comes precaution too; because of this nature of these birds you should know more about the birds before you plan to own one. Only an experienced bird owner will know how to handle these naughty birds.

Know more about your Cockatoo

If you have become a proud owner of an adorable cockatoo keep a few precautions in mind.

  • They need attention 24 X 7: If you don’t give this breed a minimum 2 hours every day, be prepared for “birdy” tantrums which include nonstop screaming for hours together.
  • Aggressive: When their needs are not met, these birds turn very aggressive and start plucking out their feathers and can even self mutilate.
  • Mischievous: They can break open any cage door. Some can even pick a padlock and open a combination lock.
  • They love to chew: So don’t let them free in your house especially when you are not around or they will chew everything and destroy the household.

Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage...
  • Large bird cage (recommended for medium to large birds) features an all-metal construction and a...
  • Interior is designed with a perch, 3 stainless steel bowls, and 2 sliding metal trays for easy clean...
  • Features a fun, rooftop play area designed with a ladder and 2 stainless steel bowls

Bad cages and behavioral problems in Cockatoos

Care should be taken while buying a Cockatoo cage because these birds can have behavior problems with improper cages. As a result, they will either scream for hours together or turn very aggressive.

Points to know for buying a Cockatoo Cage

Keep in mind the following points before you purchase a Cockatoo cage.

  1. Size of the cage: The cage for your Cockatoo must be large and spacious.
  2. Sturdy Design: The Cockatoos can take apart a poorly made cage in no time. Therefore look for a cage which is sturdy and well built.
  3. Lock of cage door: These birds are very smart and can open almost any cage door. Hence, look for cages that come with a lock on the cage door that can’t be opened.

Best Choice Large Play top Cage for your Cockatoo

One cage that meets the above criteria is the Best Choice Large Play top cage. Here is a review of this Cockatoo Cage. You can check out Amazon for any discount on this product.

Advantages the Cockatoo Cage

  • Affordable price:

The Cage has several features but is priced very nominally making it a good buy for your pet.

  • Roomy:

The cage is large and spacious providing plenty of room for you cockatoo to fly around and have fun. You can place all its toys too in the cage and it will still remain roomy; it is really big.

  • Easy to Assemble:

The cockatoo cage is fairly easy to assemble by just following the picture instructions; you don’t need any engineering or mechanical skills to assemble this piece.

  • Lockable Wheels:

The cage has wheels which helps you to transport it or move it to any place of your choice. In addition to that the front wheels can be locked which prevents accidental rolling of the cage.

  • Well places sturdy door lock:

The constant complaint about these mischievous birds is that they can open almost any cage door. But in this Cockatoo cage the lock is placed in such a location that the smartest bird can’t open it. Furthermore, it is a snap lock that can only be opened from outside by pushing a button.

  • Top play area:

There is a nice play area on top of the Cockatoo cage for your pet to relax and enjoy itself. The package comes with a ladder and two stainless steel bowl stands where you can place some food and water.

Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage...
  • Large bird cage (recommended for medium to large birds) features an all-metal construction and a...
  • Interior is designed with a perch, 3 stainless steel bowls, and 2 sliding metal trays for easy clean...
  • Features a fun, rooftop play area designed with a ladder and 2 stainless steel bowls
  • Easy cleaning:

There are two metal trays which can be easily removed and cleaned.

  • Several areas to keep food:

You can place food and water in any of the 4 bowls provided on the sides of the cage. These bowls are easily accessible.

  • Well angled guard:

The guard is well angled upwards and it collects all the spills and droppings effortlessly. This keeps your floor clean and poop free.

The negative features of the Cockatoo cage

  • Time consuming assembly:

To assemble the Cockatoo cage though easy is time consuming and laborious.

  • Food door is too wide:

The food door is wide enough for the bird to fly out when you open it to place food for the pet. You must be alert while opening the door.

  • Deep feeding bowls:

The feeding bowls are too deep and not shallow; this makes it very inconvenient for the bird to get at its food. This design flaw necessitates the purchase of new feeding bowls which is an additional expense.

  • Ill fitting feeding bowls:

The feeding bowls do not fit into their holders perfectly; this can lead to spills and a messy a cage that will require frequent cleaning.

  • Poor instructions:

The written instructions for assembly are hard to follow and they miss out giving sufficient information. Often it is a task to figure out which screw goes where. But with patience and some common sense the cage can be assembled pretty smoothly.

  • Space between seed guard and bottom tray:

There is no cage grate at the bottom as a result toddlers and other pets can easily access the bird droppings. This is definitely not healthy for the pets and the toddler. Hence you might have to figure out a way to cover the gap.

  • Poor quality wheels:

The wheels are not known to move smoothly on all surfaces. There have also been instances where the casters have broken.

  • Shipping and packaging issues:

There have been several instances of bent trays and seed guards which can be attributed to poor packaging and shipping. With minor hammer work the dents can be removed in the perch holders, trays and seed guards to ensure a snug fit.

Thus, we see that though there are a reasonable number of cons, they are very minor and can be easily fixed.

Advantages over its competitors

This Cockatoo cage from best products has a few advantages over the other cages in the same price range.

  • Functional latch:

As already stated, the Cockatoos are notorious for opening their cage doors and flying away; any type of latch is easily opened by them. But thankfully, the snap lock on this cage is not their cup of tea. This latch snaps shut and can be opened only when you push a button.

  • Unbeatable price:

This cockatoo cage is perhaps the only bird cage in this price range that comes with features usually found in more expensive models. The cage is worth every cent spent on it. 


Choosing the right bird cage for your pet is a daunting affair because of the innumerable choice on the market. Birds can often be troubled if their surroundings do not meet their needs. Therefore, great care must be taken to select a cage that suits your bird’s needs, habits and personality.

The Cockatoo cage from Best products on Amazon is an ideal buy for large and medium sized birds like your cockatoo. The cage is well constructed and most importantly comes with a cage door lock that can’t be opened by the cockatoo.

To buy cheap check out if Amazon has any discount. So, go ahead get this functional Cockatoo cage at the best price available and see your pet enjoy its own private space. Don’t forget to cuddle up with these “Love Sponges” or you will hear no end of it from their constant screams.

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