Quaker Parrot Cage | Best Prices and Review – 2017

Not everyone is either a cat or a dog person. Some of us out there are more of a feather-loving kind.

If you have always only thought of your furry friends as pets, then it’s time you got to know that there are much more bird-lovers out there than you can imagine.

So whether you are new to birds as pets or have just got yourself a new feather-pal or is looking to buy the right cage for your bird, look no further as you have come to the right place.

If you do a quick search on the internet for bird cages, you will be bombarded with a million options that are available on the market, making it very difficult to find the right one for your pet.

To make it easier for you, we review the Quaker parrot cage in great detail below, complete with pros and cons so that you can decide if this the right one for your bird. Read on!

Why to buy this Quaker Parrot Cage?

  1. Great design

Bird cages don’t have to be a boring metal and wire box anymore. The top of this bird cage has been constructed with an ornate Victorian style design, a scalloped roof that will add to the décor of your home. Also it has a beautiful baked powder-coated finish that adds to the overall appeal of the cage instead of the regular shiny paint finish.

HQ's Opening Victorian Cage, Small Parrot Cage...
  • Opening Victorian Top.
  • Drop-down Front Porch.
  • 3 Stainless Steel Bowls.
  1. Sturdy and stable

The HQ parrot cageis very strong as it is made of a wrought iron frame and weighs a good 53 pounds making it quite heavy. So you don’t have to worry about your birdcage accidentally toppling off.

  1. Spacious

The inside of the bird cage is very spacious as it is built more like a large bird cage. It can comfortably house small parrots like Conures and Quakers.

  1. Easy to use

This parrot cage comes with some great features that make it very user-friendly. There is a large swing out door in the front for easy access to your pet. The three stainless steel metal feeder cups can be easily accessed from the outside as they have dedicated feeder doors. So you don’t have to open the main door every time you want to clean up the bowls or refill them.

The metal grate at the bottom of the cage and the plastic tray below it, both slide out making it easy to clean any mess. The stand of the cage also comes with heavy-duty casters to move the cage to any part of your house, making it very portable.

  1. Great price

This Victorian style cage comes with so many features that gives you more value for your money. It comes at a great price for its features retailing for under $200. But you can get the best price you want when it goes on sale and is available at a discount. So there is no need for you to compromise on quality and buy cheap bird cages when you can buy this great bird cage.

  1. Fun cage

Your feather pal too needs his bit of fun as it can be boring for him/her to just spend the time inside the cage all day. This bird cage comes with an innovative playtop that you can bring out when required. The top has two hinged doors which when opened converts the normal cage into a play top cage with a wooden perch.

Your bird can enjoy hours of outdoor fun on this playtop

In addition to the playtop, there is a front porch above the door which drops out and down. So this acts as an outside perch for your bird to hang out during his/her playtime.

  1. Durable

Unlike some bird cages that are made of just wire, this bird cage come with an all-metal frame made of wrought iron that has been designed to take quite a beating. Also wrought iron is corrosion resistant and hence increase the life of your bird cage. The perches too are made of good quality pine wood to last a long time.

  1. Great storage space

At the base of the bird cage is a metal shelf that acts as a great storage space to store your pet essentials like bird food and other bird supplies. No need to go looking for them in your kitchen cupboard every time you want to refill the feeder cups or add water to the water bowls.

  1. Safety

Birds are smart beings, and a flimsy lock can bring out their smartness. But the doors in this cage come with a metal cam lock and safety latch to securely close them and keep your birds from flying out the cage. For extra safety, the three feeder doors also come with a safety latch.

  • Non-toxic

Some metals such as brass can have lead which can cause lead poisoning in birds if they happen to chew the cage material.

But all the materials used in the cage are non-toxic and the metal used for the construction is wrought iron which is completely safe. The metal body is covered in a baked powder-coated finish which is also non-toxic.

HQ's Opening Victorian Cage, Small Parrot Cage...
  • Opening Victorian Top.
  • Drop-down Front Porch.
  • 3 Stainless Steel Bowls.
  1. Good customer reviews

Many customers who have used this bird cage love it for its ease of use and durability. In fact, many who have upgraded to this one from their existing bird cage vouch for its quality and craftsmanship. It has got a good 4.3 star rating on Amazon out of a possible 5.

Negative points

We believe that a good product review will also take into account any negative aspects of a products. That is why we have listed below some of the cons of the product which might be helpful in deciding if this is the right one for you.

  • No seed guard – The cage does not come with a seed guard around it. Even though the plastic tray at the bottom will catch all the mess, it does not contain seeds from flying out the feeder cup when the birds flap their wings around.
  • Door gaps – There is a bit of space above and below the main door which could be a thing of concern for some. As the gaps are long, these are potential places where your bird’s tail can get caught.

Advantage over competition

  • Great features – The HQ Victorian bird cage has many great features for its price point than those in the same segment. Thus it gives you more value for your money.
  • Long lasting –As the cage is made of high quality wrought iron, which is corrosion-resistant, it will last many years without any problem. Also, it has been constructed to be very sturdy and comes with a strong base and stand.
  • Stylish – This bird cage is not just another box-style cage but has been tastefully constructed with a Victoriandesign
  • Pet-friendly –With two perching rods, three large stainless cups, an open playtop, an open front porch and lots of space inside, this cage is extremely pet-friendly. 


Finding a great home for your feather-friend might prove to be more difficult than you imagined as it is where they spend most of their time in.

Small things like easy cleaning options, lots of outside accessible doors, storage space, can let you spend less time on the care of your bird cage. Instead you can spend more time bonding and playing with your feathery pet.

The Quaker parrot cage is a great option if you are looking for a stylish, easy to use and long-lasting bird cage that will give you a complete peace of mind.

And when it comes at an affordable price tag of under $200, it is really a great gift you can give yourself and your pet for years of bonding and fun.


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Quaker Parrot Cage
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