African Grey Cage | Best Prices and Review – 2017

Birds are probably some of the most sought after pets after dogs. Each and every one of these feathered beasts has a very distinct personality.

These pets need extra care and their cages should be well equipped to keep these amazing species occupied, or else they get bored very soon and can create quite a ruckus.

Of the many birds, the African Grey is a much sought after bird as a pet because of its ability to mimic sounds and voices. Well then, this special friend needs a special cage, don’t you think? 

How to choose a cage for your African Grey?

You are spoiled for choice when you search for a cage for your pet bird on the market.

There are several models and in various ranges to choose from. Searching for the perfect cage for your friend can be a little tough. Keep in mind these few things while purchasing a bird cage.

  • The bird’s breed – Remember different breeds have different needs and distinct personalities.
  • Size of the bird – Make sure your bird has ample space to fly around and play in the cage. The cage should be at least two times wider than your bird’s wingspan.
  • Number of birds – The number of birds you plan to keep in one cage will decide the size of the cage. 
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage...
  • Wrought iron select cages offer quality craftsmanship at an affordable price (It is a cockatiel...
  • 4 Stainless steel cups, 2 wood perches, cage stand, playtop and rounded seed guards are included
  • Heavy-duty push button door lock keeps your bird secure

What are the accessories needed?

Buying a cage is not sufficient; you should equip it with some accessories too for feeding the bird and also for cleaning the bird droppings. Here is a beginner list that you can add to as required.

  • Bowls and cups: You will need at least one bowl for food, two for water – one for drinking and one for taking a bath. Some bowls can be locked in place, which prevents spillage of food grains.
  • Perch Spots: You should have at least 2 perches at different heights because birds love to perch. For the perfect perch make sure that a minimum ¾ inch gap is there between the front and rear nails of the bird.
  • Bedding: This can be made up of corncob bits, wood shavings or even newspaper.
  • Toys: The African grey is a very intelligent bird which requires constant mental stimulation or it will get bored. Hence, you need to buy some toys like rope knots, puzzles, swings, ladders, toys that can be pecked at and those that can be chewed. You can buy cheap toys on Amazon 

Safety First

It is okay to love your pet a lot and want to buy it all the toys that will make it happy. But remember safety first; in your enthusiasm do not buy stuff that can be swallowed or that which will entangle the birds.

Here we have reviewed the African Grey Cage from Prevue.  It is a wrought iron cage in Hammer tone color.

The best features of African Grey cage

  • Spacious

This African Grey Cage has plenty of room for your pet to move around and fly about. The cage is big and spacious. In fact, the cage can accommodate more than one bird. There is also ample space to keep various toys for your pet to play with.

  • Presence of Seed guards

Bird cages are often littered with bird droppings and food particles. This poses a serious threat to the hygiene of the cage and the surrounding areas. The presence of a seed guards ensures that you can maintain the cleanliness of the cage easily.

  • Non toxic powder coated finish

The powder coated finish makes sure that the cage paint does not chip, fade or get scratched easily.  This coated finish will not give your observant pet a chance to peel it away. This coating has two distinct advantages:

  • Easy cleaning: The coating keeps away rust and makes cleaning the entire cage very simple and easy.
  • Durable: The coating makes this African Grey Cage durable and long lasting. This in turn becomes very affordable and economical because you need not invest in a new cage each time the cage becomes old; just powder coating it will do.
  • Easy to assemble

You don’t need any special skills to assemble the cage. Just follow the instructions in the accompanying booklet and you can set up the cage in no time at all. It is very simple.

  • Easy to change water and food

The 4 steel cups ensure that your pet has access to food in the cage and in the play area. The cups are easily accessible with the cage closed; this makes changing water and adding food easy.

  • Comes with hex wrench for fixing

You need not go hunting for screwdrivers and wrenches to assemble your cage. All the necessary tools are included in the package.

  • Easy to move around

The cage comes with wheels so you can easily move your pet around where ever you want it. This way your pet is always amidst you and you can interact with it anytime anywhere.

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage...
  • Wrought iron select cages offer quality craftsmanship at an affordable price (It is a cockatiel...
  • 4 Stainless steel cups, 2 wood perches, cage stand, playtop and rounded seed guards are included
  • Heavy-duty push button door lock keeps your bird secure

The negative features of the product

Like with all products there are a few cons to the cage that you should be aware of before purchasing.

  • Hard to clean the apron

The Apron around the cage is screwed; hence it is additional work to unscrew the apron each time you want to clean it.

  • Poor quality perches

The perches that come in the package are of poor quality and do not last long. It is advisable to buy perches separately so that your pet doesn’t get hurt due to any malfunction.

  • Instructions not clear

The instructions in the information booklet are very vague and not easy to follow. But once you understand it is very easy to set up the cage.

Why is Prevue the most preferred African grey cage?

Out of the several models in the market, the Prevue wrought iron cage is very popular among pet owners for the following reasons. It has a few advantages over its competitors in the market.

  • Sturdy Design:

The cage has been designed well. It is strong and well built. It comes with a sturdy lock for the door which prevents the bird from opening the cage and flying out and in the process littering the entire house.

  • Play top and bars:

Unlike other cages, this African Grey Cage has a play top for the pet to play and bars for it to hang upside down. It is very rare to find a cage which has both these options.

  • Versatile wheels:

The wheels on the cage move smoothly on the wooden floor as well as carpet.

  • Right weight:

This African Grey Cage is not too heavy that you can’t move it; at the same time it is not too light that it can get knocked down easily.

  • Newspaper size tray:

By lining the tray with newspaper you can easily clean the tray without any hassles at all. It is a rarity that cages come with tray that can fit a newspaper so perfectly. 


It is really fun to have a pet that talks to you and that is the reason the African Grey is so popular with bird owners.  African Greys are intelligent and have a large vocabulary 

These birds need a lot of mental stimulation and you must ensure that they are never bored.  As a result you must buy a cage that can house several toys and puzzles and has ample space to fly around. 

Bird cages can be expensive but on Amazon you might get decent discount for a good quality bird cage like the Prevue wrought iron birdcage. Go online and check out the best price for your pet’s new home, after all an intelligent companion like the African Grey deserves nothing but the best.

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