Conure Bird Cages | Best Prices and Review – 2017

Hunting for the right cage would start even before you bring home your bird.

Birds are one of the most popular pets next to dogs and cats. Larger birds like cockatiel, macaws and cockatoos are popular choices as pets.

The best part about birds that make them great pets is that some of them can be taught to talk and communicate.

So for these avian members of the family, you would only want the best cages for them to retire when they are tired and when they need to be alone. Conure bird cages have been popular choices among many pet lovers due to the features they come loaded with. Choosing a bird cage is not a straightforward choice.

There is no one-size-fits-all model to figure out the right Conure Bird Cages:

Here are some points to keep in mind when you buy a bird cage:

  1. The size of your bird:

When we talk about thesize of the bird, we should keep in mind the fact that there should be enough room in the cage for the bird to spread out its wings and move around.

Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Amazon African Grey...
  • Overall cage with stand dimensions 20 x 20 x 65"h (60"h with roof top closed) cage only dimensions...
  • Cage interior height 35"h (taller interior body design, extra room for birds) 5/8" bar spacing
  • Non-Toxic powder-coated finish large swing out front door two swing out feeder doors with stainless...
  1. The growth rate of your bird:

The rate of growth and how big it would be as an adult bird would vary with different species. Depending on the bird you have and its growth rate, get a cage that can be used for few years. You would not be buying a cage every year to accommodate your bird as and how it grows.

  1. Feeding provisions:

Look for a cage that comes with provisions to snugly attach feeding bowls, self-feeder water bottles, and the likes.

  1. Toys and accessories:

You would not be leaving your bird in a bare cage. To prevent him from getting bored, you would be adding toys and accessories. So get a cage that would be the right size to fit your bird and have space to add toys as well.

  1. Play top:

There are cages that come with play tops- an exclusive play area on the top of the cage. This can come in handy to let your bird play when he is not in the cage.

  1. Sturdy build:

Bird cages are long term investments. Look for sturdy ones of good build quality.

  1. Ease of maintenance:

Regular cleaning of bird cages would be required. So choose ones that come with easy cleaning options and easily removable droppings tray.

Combining most of the above-mentioned features, here is a cage from Conure. This has been a popular one on the market due to several reasons:

The best features about the Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Amazon African Grey CaiqueConure:

  • Dimensions:

Overall dimensions of the cage with the stand (with the roof closed)- 20”x20”x60”

This a reasonably sized cage that is roomy and yet compact on the outside to fit in your living room without taking up too much space.

  • Build quality:

The cage comes with a tough metal build. The powder coating layer on the grills is a non-toxic material. So, you do not have to worry if your bird keeps pecking on the grills.

  • Spacious interiors:

The cage comes with a tall inner chamber. So, your bird will not feel congested. The 35” high inner chamber offers a lot of room for your bird to freely move around.

  • Bar spacing:

The grills of the cage come with 5/8” spacing between the bars. This is just right for your bird to perch on and yet not nip an onlooker.

  • Suitable for a variety of birds:

The cage can easily accommodate birds like acockatiel, parakeet,anAfricangray, Cacique, Conjure and more.

Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Amazon African Grey...
  • Overall cage with stand dimensions 20 x 20 x 65"h (60"h with roof top closed) cage only dimensions...
  • Cage interior height 35"h (taller interior body design, extra room for birds) 5/8" bar spacing
  • Non-Toxic powder-coated finish large swing out front door two swing out feeder doors with stainless...
  • Large door:

The front entry door is large enough for your bird to conveniently fly in and out of the cage.

  • Feeder doors:

The roof opens with 2 curved swing-out doors. This makes it easy for your bird to come out during the feeding time.

  • Other accessories included:

The cage comes with 3 wooden perches. Two of these are within the cage and one can be fit when you open the feeder doors. There are stainless steel feeding bowls included in the package as well.

  • Cage stand:

To give enough rise above the ground the cage is placed on a reasonably high stand. This means that the cage and thus your bird can be at your eye level most of the time.

  • Removable tray and grates:

The cage also comes with removable metal grate and a plastic tray. These easily slide out making the cleaning of the cage a breeze.

  • Other features:

There is a bottom rack to quickly store few essentials like the bird feed etc. The cage comes with 4 wheels. So you can move the cage around easily. 

Few features you might not like:

  • Assembly:Some users find the assembly of the cage a bit tedious. So putting the cage together might take some time and efforts.
  • Stand might be wobbly: Some users report how the stand seems a bit shaky or unstable in bearing the weight of the cage itself. If you have a large bird, be careful so that your bird doesn’t knock the cage down.
  • Seed guards aren’t great: The seed guards are narrow and present at the bottom just around the tray. This doesn’t entirely solve the purpose. This means that you should be ready for some mess around the cage as well.
  • No play top: There is no dedicated play top included. Only when you open the feeder gates on the top can you attach the top wooden perch. This can create a play perch for your bird.
  • No locks for the door:There is no secure locking mechanism included in the entry door. If your bird is smart he might figure out how to open the door himself.
  • No wheel lock: The swivel wheels do not come with a locking mechanism. So, the cage might move easily if you have a large bird playing inside the cage.

How does this cage fair the competition?

Here are some of the characteristics of this Conure cage that gives it a benefit over its competitors.

  • When we talk about the size, this cage is pretty big in the given price segment. So you have a large cage at the best price.
  • The pricing of the cage is also great for a medium bird. The roomy interiors and compact exterior makes it a great choice to buy cheap for a smaller apartment.
  • The removable grate and tray is an added advantage.So you do not have to carry the entire cage for cleaning.
  • The bottom rack is a handy feature to store some toys and other pet supplies.

The final verdict:

Remember to check out the discount that Amazon offers when you plan to buy Conure bird cages. Some users feel that the cage is not ideal as a live-in cage for larger birds in particular.

If you are looking for something just for your bird to rest, however, this cage is just the right size. The tall roomy interior also makes it a good choice for keeping sets of smaller birds.

While keeping a large bird, remember the fact that the cage easily moves off the stand with some cases. So remember to add some additional safety measures to secure the cage on the stand. When this is addressed, this sure is a large cage impressively priced.

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