Cockatiels Cage | Review and Best Prices – 2017

Cockatiels are sweet, charming and easy to care for which makes them the best pet bird one can have.

They are known for their calm and affectionate personalities. They enjoy time with their owners. When we look for buying a new home for our pet bird we should look for best cages with all necessities and with a comfortable environment.

The house where your birds live in should reflect your personality clearly.

The size of a cage determines what your bird will be able to do and which it would not be able to do.

Contemplate about the necessities of your furry friends before buying a new home for them. It should have enough space to enhance their exercising and movement. The spacing of the bars is another important point to look after for.

Appropriate bar spacing is required for your pet to prevent any injuries or fleeing from the cage.

The material it is made of makes sure its durability of the product. Yaheetech pet bird cage is an option which is worth the value of your money. To buy the product at best price, amazon will be one of the best options to go for.

Best Features of the Cockatiels Cage:

Yaheetech pet bird cage is one of the best options for medium or large size birds. There are many features which make it different and better from other products presented on the market. A happy pet means a happy owner. This product has many features which make it a perfect new home for your furry friend:

  • Durability:

It is important to have a strong and durable cage for your pet friend. Wire and metal cages are generally the most common. This product is constructed with durable wrought-iron and enhanced with non-toxic powder coated finish. It is sturdy and has enough space for large size bird.

  • Size:

The minimum size of your bird cage depends on the type of bird that will be living in it. For any bird to feel comfortable and relaxed a cage should have enough space for spreading wings and move freely.

It is a spacious cage for your bird. Its total dimensions are 31*29.5*68″ and cage dimensions are 22.4*24*34.6″. It comes with pyramid top play area with a ladder. These cages are specially designed for medium and large birds.

Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cockatiel...
  • Dimension: 80 x 76 x 172 cm/31.5 x 30 x 68'' (LxWxH)
  • Heavy duty button lock keeps the bird secure;Wire spacing approx. 19 mm/ 3/4''
  • Birds are 16 inch or less in length may feel more comfortable and like this cage better
  • Practical Design:

Many cages available in the market have beautiful designs but not with enough space or missing proper lock mechanism. This one is made keeping in mind all important features from swivel coasters to open play top.

It comes with screws, screwdriver and proper instructions to assemble it. Paint used in these products are non-toxic and do not chip.

  • Price:

We all want to buy the product which is perfect for our pet with all the necessities in it. Many products in the market have similar features as this one though with very heavy pricing. Even though it has many promising features and makes the best home for your pet, it still comes with a price which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Easy to Move:

It includes four swivel casters which make it really easy to move from one place to another. There is no hassle of picking it up or sliding it if you want to change its place for cleaning and other purposes. It has swivel caster which has the ability to lock for stability.

  • Removable Trays:

It is important to keep the cage clean to keep your birds healthy and happy. The cage should have removal trays to keep them clean. Picking the right cage for your pet bird is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.

It has two sliding metal trays separately at the top and bottom. These are removable trays that make cleaning process easy.

  • Play Area:

This cage includes ladder and a beautiful pyramid top play area for your bird to relax and has a good time. It is important for birds to move freely and this play area would be a good option for that.

It also has a beautiful hardwood perch for your bird to stand on. Bar spacing should be proper, less spacing would make bird uncomfortable and large spacing could be a reason for injury.

  • Food and Water:

Birds make a lot of mess while eating. Seeds fly in all directions when they eat. The material used to make cups for feeding birds should be strong and easy to clean.

It has two stainless steel cups which will be used for food or water. Stainless steel is a durable and strong material.

It also has removable grates and slide-out trays which are really useful for the easy cleaning process. Each feeder has an access door for easy filling and removal.

Points which should be improved:

Looking at all these points, it is easy to say that it is one of the best options available in the market when it comes to cockatiels cage however, there is one thing which can be modified to make it a much better deal.

Instructions which are given with the cage are difficult to understand. It is difficult to assemble as descriptions are not mentioned with the pictures.

Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cockatiel...
  • Dimension: 80 x 76 x 172 cm/31.5 x 30 x 68'' (LxWxH)
  • Heavy duty button lock keeps the bird secure;Wire spacing approx. 19 mm/ 3/4''
  • Birds are 16 inch or less in length may feel more comfortable and like this cage better

Points which make it better than its competitors:

  • Secure and safe:

Unlike other cage manufacturers, this brand’s cages have heavy-duty push button door lock which keeps your bird secure. This brand’s products are of good quality. It is a durable product and made a point keeping in mind that it should be comfortable.

The material used to build these cages is strong enough and its bars will not bend. It has one large front door with a lock which prevents an accidental escape.

  • Spacious:

Most cages available in the market have restricted space which is not good for your pet bird. This one has wooden perch and plays top. Long wooden perch for proper resting of your bird is important. It has a pyramid open play top. A cage should have a proper space for a bird to move freely.

  • Cheaper:

Other options available in the market with same features are expensive and not worth its price. It is important to buy a product which should be in your budget and fulfill the requirement of your pet.

This one is reasonably priced and offers you all important features for a cage to make it perfect for your bird.


It is your responsibility to choose the right option for your pet. Amazon offers you these products at best price. This product is ideal for medium or large size birds. There are multiple options available in the market with different positive and negative points.

Cages should have all necessary things included to make it a secure and comfortable home for your pet.

Yaheetech pet bird cage fulfills all your requirement of a perfect cage. You should choose the cage carefully so that your feathered friend should get the best house you can give.

A proper market research is a must before buying a Cockatiels Cage. There are many websites which provide you with best price options for these cages. You can easily buy cheap from online websites with discounts and offers.

The comfort of your pet should always be your priority. Amazon could be a really good option to buy this product from as it will help you get the best price possible. Yaheetech pet bird cage will keep your pet happy. As mentioned before a happy pet means a happy owner.

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