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Pets make very good substitutes for therapists. Doctors have gone on record and have recommended them to many patients.

Birds are beautiful lively creatures that can liven up the environment with their constant chirpy behavior.

There have been studies that show that having a bird such as a parrot in the house can bring some people out of solitude or even change their moods.

The Amazon parrot is a medium sized parrot that is native to the New World.

They are green and bright and can bring life to both the room and the people in it. Getting the perfect Amazon Parrot cage for this bird is very important.

If the bird cage is too small or dingy, the bird is not likely to be happy in it. That makes the owner unhappy as well.

The cage and the health of the bird are directly connected.

The cleanliness of the cage and the quality of its construction has a direct impact on the bird. It is time to make the right selection before buying one.

There are many brands available in the market for this particular breed. The perfect one should enable the following:

  • Comfortable stay for the bird
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safety features
  • Portability
  • Sufficient space to encourage the bird to move around
  • Comfortable perches for the pet to rest
  • Open air dome to promote air circulation

YML 20-Inch Open Top Parrot Cage with Stand, Black
  • 5/8 Inch Bar Spacing and Large Swing Out Door
  • Come with 2 Feeder Doors, 2 Plastic Cups and 2 Perches
  • Easy Clean Removable Metal Grate and Slide Out Bottom Plastic Tray

The following points have to be noted

  • The size of the cage
  • The size of the bird
  • The number of birds
  • The safety features
  • The right furniture
  • A comfortable spot to keep the cage

Amazon Parrot Cage YML Square Playtop Cage

One of the most popular brands that come to one’s mind is the YML Square Playtop Cage. This cage has been considered and bought by many. There are many positive and negative features of this product. Let us take a look at some of them.


  • Cage dimensions: 20L x 20D x 28.5H in.
  • The bar spacing is 0.625 in
  • It has a non-toxic epoxy baked finish
  • It has a storage shelf, four access doors, and two food cups that provide an easy access and storage of food.
  • It comes with 2 feeder cups along with holder
  • There are three perches attached in the cage.

The cage is made up of steel. It is durable and sturdy in nature.

  • It has multiple doors and containers. It enables easy access to the food and drink. The storage is also very convenient.
  • The charm of the cage comes from the fact that it has a powder coated finish. The cage is as pretty as it is useful.
  • It is odour resistant and non-toxic in nature.
  • The charm of the cage is not lost in time and constant washing because it is also fade resistant. The cage forever retains its new and fresh look.
  • This cage comes with a stand. It keeps the cage off of the floor.
  • The removable tray makes it easy to collect the waste and dispose of
  • It comes with wheels/casters and a stand.


  • It is a sturdy and durable cage. The high quality makes it a one-time investment for your loving pet.
  • The healthy activity of the bird is promoted with ease. The physical, mental and emotional development of the bird is not hampered.
  • The spacious feature of the cage encourages the bird to spread its wings and more around more.
  • Comfortable perching is possible because of three perches. This is not available in many other cages.
  • Roomy and airy in nature. This improves air circulation and prevents any unpleasant smell from lingering in the cage.
  • The access to the food and the water is easy and convenient to the bird. This ensures that the bird eats and hydrates as and when it feels like without prolonged breaks.

The easy roll caster base is a big advantage for the cage.

  • Healthy activity is promoted. The bird is kept active at all times.
  • The open latch acts as a play station for the bird. This lets the bird have the fun of its own even if alone.
  • It can be moved easily around the place. The portability of the cage is top notch.
  • Promotes flexibility. The cup holders are not fixed to the cage. You can move it and place it as you deem fit for the bird.
YML 20-Inch Open Top Parrot Cage with Stand, Black
  • 5/8 Inch Bar Spacing and Large Swing Out Door
  • Come with 2 Feeder Doors, 2 Plastic Cups and 2 Perches
  • Easy Clean Removable Metal Grate and Slide Out Bottom Plastic Tray


  • The screws need to be handled carefully. They tend to fall off constantly if not tightened well.
  • It is a high maintenance cage. The screws need to be checked regularly to prevent any untoward mishap.

Advantages over the other Amazon Bird Cages:

There are many brands available on the market. The reason why some of them do better than the others could be because of better features, user-friendly design and better looks. The Amazon Parrot cage is built by the YML brand.

The YML brand is a renowned one. Its reputation precedes it. Their main aim is to keep both the owners and the pets happy. The general well-being and the health of the pet are the primary concern.

The brand offers a variety of homes of different shapes and colours for various pets. They have studied the psychology of the various animals and know what is best for them.

The YML Amazon parrot cage has many advantages over the competition. It has a few qualities that help it sell better than its competitors.

  • The cage is very portable in nature. You can take your birds with you where ever you go. Most cages do not let you do so with so much ease.
  • You can select the finish that you like. Bird cages are part of the home decor and therefore can be a very personal choice. It is vital that the homeowner is able to associate with the bird and identify with it as well.
  • It is non-toxic in nature. Birds attract a lot of children who are likely to touch the equipment. It is necessary that the children are not harmed in the process.
  • It is very easy to assemble and easy to maintain. You do not require a handyman to help you fix it. The easy maintenance comes from easy removable grates and odour resistant features.

The YML brand also sells additional accessories for your pet to promote their physical and emotional health. Do look them up and you will be surprised, the difference they can make to your pets.

You can buy cheap and yet buy the best cage possible for your pet with this brand. Look around and see the discount that is offered. 


One’s home is one of the best ways to one of the best ways to study their personality. The bird cage is also a part of it. If the owner gets a fantastic birdcage for his pet, he must really love the pet.

The bird and the cage that the owner has bought show the care and the bond between the two. The YML Square Playtop Cage is a perfect cage to buy for your pet. Amazon offers this cage at the best price possible.

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