One of the most famous quotes by Jacques Deval, a French playwright is “God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.”

As a child I grew up in the company of my many feathered friends. Hence my love and fascination for the aerial species started at a very young age. If you have had the experience of having a pet bird, you will understand the tremendous amount of joy these creatures have bought in my life.

I discover something new every time in their company. They restore my optimism and make me feel exhilarated. My frequent interactions with them give me a renewed sense of purpose. As I spend time watching them flap their delicate wings or bring food for their young ones, it reminds me to relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of life.

Over the years I have gained substantial knowledge about how to take good care of pet birds so that they are happy and healthy. Through my website I would like to share my experiences and provide valuable tips that will benefit any bird lover.

As pet birds spend considerable amount of time in their cages, I believe it is imperative to invest in a good cage for our feathery pets. I have provided in depth reviews of the various bird cages available in the market today.

From perches and cages to bowls and toys, readers of my websites can gain important information about the various essential tools required for taking care of your pet bird.

Apart from providing useful tips on selecting the right bird cage, you will also find information about cleaning, feeding and training your pet birds. The FAQ section of the website provides answers to questions many bird owners are riddled with.

I also provide useful information about identifying different birds and their behaviors. If you are interested in seeking more information you can enroll for the weekly newsletter by registering on my website.

If you enjoy bird watching like me, you will enjoy reading the reviews I have posted about of some of the best equipments required for studying and observing birds in their natural habitats.

I enjoy travelling as it bestows me with some incredible experiences. During my journeys I have been witness to the deep harmony that exists between Mother Nature and all the creatures inhabiting this space. I believe that as humans we are bound by duty to maintain this equilibrium and not let greed consume us.

I have also posted pictures of some of the most beautiful birds that I have come across during my travels. If you like the pictures or have anything to share you can provide your valuable feedback by posting your comments.

If you would like to share your experiences with me about your pet birds, do feel free to drop me a mail. I hope that you find the information provided in my website useful and interesting. Thank you for stopping by and do visit again.

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