Great Egret

- Largest all white wading bird - 38" tall

- Slender body, long legs, long thin neck

- Long, heavy, yellow bill

- Black legs & black feet

- Found in marshes, ponds, shores & mudflats

Snowy Egret

- All white bird, smaller than Great Egret - 20-27" tall

- Slender body, long legs with thin, long neck

- Long, slender black bill

- Black legs with bright yellow feet "golden slippers"

- Found in marshes, swamps, ponds, shores & tideflats

Great Blue Heron

- LI's tallest wading bird, 42-52" tall, wingspan 5-6'

- Long legs, long thin neck

- Long, large, heavy, "dagger-like" bill

- Black crown stripe on whitish head with long black plumes

- Body blue/gray in color

- Found in marshes, swamps, shores & tideflats

Little Blue Heron

- Slender body, long legs - 24" tall

- Body slate blue in color with darker, maroon/brown neck

- Immature body all white in color, mottled when changing to adult plumage

- Long, bluish bill with black tip

- Long legs, dull olive in color

- Found in marshes, swamps, ponds & shores

Green Heron

- Small, dark heron, 16-22" tall

- Short legs, orange/yellow in color

- Bill long & heavy

- Back bluish/green in color, neck chestnut

- Black crown feathers, sometimes raised in shaggy crest

- Found in lakes, ponds, marshes, swamps & streamsides

Glossy Ibis

- Medium sized wader, 22-25" tall

- Slender body, long legs

- Long down-curved bill

- Body dark purplish/chestnut in color, showing highlights of green & purple in sunlight

- Found in marshes & swamps

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